Thrift without even trying

mirror 003

I’ve admired those wonderful French garret window mirrors at Restoration Hardware ($250+) for a long time, but yesterday I saw one for $20 in a Tuesday Morning ad. So I scurried off today to see if they were decent quality, and they really were. Heavy–some kind of ceramic/cement mixture. Just the right size too–not overwhelming. And a finish I can live with or monkey with, depending on where it finally hangs. A thrift victory–without even going to a thrift store!

While I was there wandering around, I took advantage of the 70% off prices on remaining Christmas items and picked up some Scandinavian red and white candles for next to nothing and two Mercury Glass candlesticks for $4 each. I can’t even get them for that at thrift stores! Also snatched a Christmas themed hatbox for $1, which of course I will Frenchify.

mirror 004

It’s worth noting that Tuesday Morning now stocks an interesting selection of craft/art items. Today, I got a fantastic selection of wonderful Parisian colors in  ink stamp pads and tubes of acrylic paint. Each was 99 cents–with way more paint/ink volume in each container than I pay twice that much for in craft stores–even with 40% off. AND they are all eco-friendly. A good trip!


4 thoughts on “Thrift without even trying

  1. Girl – you really scored on this mirror. I stroll through Restoration Hardware – just to get ideas. The prices are outrageous , and how much more fun to DIY. My last visit they had enormous coffee table books – several stacked together – then painted completely white. HMMM. Now if I can find some big books I don’t care about .. just look what one can do with a can of white paint. Virginia

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