Thrift store finds

My friend and I scoured a few thrift stores today. Not an OMG haul, but I’m getting more and more selective as my stash outgrows our storage locker.

trunk 005

I did love finding these two Mary figurines and the rosary.  Can’t decide whether to give a whitewash to the large one or not. I’m growing fond of her chippy look. Another good find was a big domed wooden trunk. I’ve been wanting one of these but they’re way too expensive to buy new. This one obviously was used by some wonderful boy scout den mother who decorated it with little wooden ornaments–all of which I’m now in the process of soaking and prying off. Then I’ll sand it, paint it d antique white with a French ad on the front. It’s big, so it will be very useful. It was only $7.50.

trunk 001

Here’s most of the haul:  a nice round bread board, another shadow box for my next paper theater, five small frames, a bag of tiny silk roses for trim, cut glass/SP salt and pepper shakers, a terrific ornate SP pasta spoon, a small pierced china vase, and a large rubber stamp with an all-0ver damask pattern. Oh, and I also stumbled upon a large bag of very fragrant lavender buds in the raw, so more sachet making is in my future.

trunk 002


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