Ali Baba Paper Theater

Well, I guess I should just stop saying that this is my last paper theater. I love making these as much as I love the final products. And there are so many options for backgrounds, characters, etc. So, if I can keep finding shadow box frames like this one at thrift stores, I’ll continue to make these.

alladin 001

This one is the blessing of a marriage from the tales of Ali Baba, set in an Egyptian garden. Hope you like it!

alladin 002


3 thoughts on “Ali Baba Paper Theater

  1. Yes, I think you should stop saying it’s your last paper theatre! I never want you to stop ever! Trust me, when theatre is in the blood in whatever form – performer, art, craft – it never leaves you. I may not be actively looking for acting work at present, but theatre keeps popping up in my artwork!

    • You know, until I reached young adulthood and starting figuring out one had to support oneself, I was convinced I was destined to be a Shakespearian actress. Maybe I’ll do a Shakespearian themed paper theater next!

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