DIY: Globe de Mariee

Well, after much ado, here it is. My best duplication of an antique French Globe de Mariee, with bridal crown. I’m pretty pleased. Now I need to find the right sized cloche to go over it.

mariee 001

How did I make this, you may ask. With great determination. I’ve kind of filled you in through past posts about the pieces I’ve found at thrift stores–the ornate bottom section, which I gilded and added some gilt trim to; and the base of the bridal crown itself, which was a aged large candle ring to which I added vintage millinery findings and coffee-aged ribbons.

The velvet I made the cushion from was probably 30 years old, part of my mom’s old velvet stash, and the vintage stampings are from my jewelry stamping collection–some of which were bought at a flea market in Paris. Talk about coming full circle… I may eventually add more stampings to the lower front, but for now I’m satisfied.

I added the little mirrors (there’s symbolism in the flowers, birds, leaves, and mirrors on a Globe de Mariee) from a craft store, and edged them with vintage gilt trim, then E4000ed them into place on the stampings. The stampings were also E4000ed onto a piece of thick gold metal wire, and I had to hang the central mirror from vintage gold chains. Much improvisation here, folks–but it was a lot of fun to try to recreate one of these beauties on the cheap. What do  you think?

For those who are interested, here’s more photos and information on these French wedding crown displays.


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