Stoned artichokes

Here’s a little project that turned out just like I hoped it would (not all of them do!) I bought four olive green plastic artichokes at a thrift store last fall. I liked their shape and size (artichokes are one of my favorite foods), but I wanted them to be a little more interesting. So, I “stoned” them with white and black gesso. I like the unexpected texture on their iconic shape.I can think of 20 places to use these—in silver bowls, in aged baskets, on antique kitchen scales, etc.

artichokes 0012

Right now, they’re sitting in a wrought iron tiered stand I got for $1 (it was red) at a thrift store. Perfect condition, with a cute little bird topper. I painted it with the same textured dark grey spray paint I use every year on our outdoor furniture, and soon I’ll be giving it a couple of coats of white gesso. Geez, I love gesso. You can achieve so many effects with it.

Meanwhile, I’m making great progress on my replica of a French Gobe de Mariee. I just have to finish up the little cushion. Soon, all will be revealed!


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