Part one: French bridal crown

I mentioned a few posts ago that I’m working on a new project, for which all the pieces aren’t assembled yet. I’m trying to recreate a French Globe de Mariee, and the bridal crown displayed in it. Here are a couple examples of the real thing. The antique bridal crowns (usually made of wax berries, cloth leaves, and a ribbon) rest on a velvet pillow above which arches a symbolic ormolu wreath (all the birds, leaves, mirrors, etc. have special meanings). It’s all protected by a glass cloche. I’m utterly fascinated by these beautiful things!

Antique French Globe de Mariée Ormolu Wedding Display Glass Dome-19th century,1800's,tiara, crown, bride, bridal, marriage, gilt,       Antique French Wedding Crown Display Globe de Mariée-gilt, ormolu, bridal, 19th century, 1800,was, flower,tiara, bride, gold, bird,napoleon III,

So, I’ve started with the bridal crown, fashioning it out of some vintage millinery supplies and bits from my jewelry making stash, along with coffee-stained satin ribbons. It all started with a wrecked candle wreath of berries I found at a thrift store. I added to it and aged things as I went along. What do you think?

crown 003a

The next step is creating the little velvet pillow. I have to find a lacy candle holder for the bottom of the pillow (thrift stores here I come), but I have the vintage velvet and all the gilded metal stampings for the wreath gathered—many of these vintage stampings I purchased in a Paris flea market a few years ago, so they will be right at home! I’ll post when I get the little cushion done.


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