Thrift store gold—Gien!

A few months ago I ran across a pretty Gien French faience plate for $1 at a thrift store. These plates run between $35-50 each on Ebay. I was thrilled. But yesterday, I ran across the mother load—a Gien handpainted bottle in their Dionysos pattern (discontinued in 2009). I picked it up because I thought it looked Italian, but It’s clearly marked and numbered on the bottom with the Gien hallmark and it’s absolutely stunning. Not sure whether it had a top or cork, but I couldn’t care less. I’m a ceramics freak and this is pure gold. In looking over the Gien website and Ebay, I’m guessing this piece is probably worth about $500–maybe more. It’s very unusual and much more detailed craftsmanship than their dinner ware. I’m not going to sell it because I love it too much, but I am aglow with this find! I paid $8. Wahoo! Even a guy in the thrift store stopped me and asked to see it.

faience 002

Oh, and although this is completely off topic for this blog, do go see Lincoln. A great movie about the most enlightened president we’ve ever had. In other news…after a wonderful LONG autumn with temps in the mid-40s even a few days ago—winter struck today. Absolutely gorgeous!

faience 005


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