Thrifting finds & the Gustavian house

xmastrees 004

I was driving buy one of my thrift store favorites on the way someplace, and just stopped in for 10 minutes. Long enough to find some real treasures! An unused Wedgewood whiteware teapot (LOVE THIS), a cute little silver metallic vase, a silverplate fork, a new linen towel with lovely light blue damask edging, two fabulous ornate silver plated ornaments, two sweet beaded baskets, and underneath it all–a completely beaded square in tarnished silver glass beads. Eventually, I will raid this for all the beads and make some stupendous Haskell-type necklace–but for now, it’s a nice photographic accessory.

xmastrees 008

And remember that little brown wooden house I picked up a week ago? I primed it and have sketched out the Gustavian House I’m going to paint on it. Yellow I think.

xmastrees 013



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