The little candelabra that could

A few posts ago I showed you a small Gustavian candelabra I picked up at a thrift store for $1. It was black and dark green, but I loved the shape and size. I had already scored some tall thin grey-blue tapers at another thrift store, and I thought this would be a perfect marriage. Here it is with the trophy cup that’s going to get silverleafed soon.

I applied three  dry brush coats of white, black, and grey gesso to get the old world finish, then used a clear satin spray on it. With the grey tapers, it looks exactly like what I had envisioned. Sweet.



2 thoughts on “The little candelabra that could

  1. good morning gus and gayle; i read your article about the water transfer process bottles, (VERY PRETTY)and was wondering how long and at what temp. you baked them. i have a brand new stove and there would be a really BIG issue in my household if it blew up due to a “creative idea.” thank you again for such a lovely classy site. p.s. happy thank full for all our blessings day. peace, elaine

    • Hi there. I hesitate to give you specific baking instructions, because I’m not sure what kind of transfer paper you’re going to be using. I used Lazertran, and the instructions for baking are right on the package. Best to go with the instructions on the exact paper you’re using. Glad you like the bottles and thanks for the comment!

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