Vintage bottle transfers

Recently I made a haul of old medicine bottles in various sizes. I’ve been playing with transferring water slide decals onto them, then baking them in the oven to make the decals permanent and waterproof. I’m really liking the “shabby” transparent results. This is the first batch, with more to come. What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Vintage bottle transfers

  1. VERY, very beautiful….anything with roses on them, have my heart. Do you have a tut on how you do this…? I am new to your site today, so just so curious.


    • Thanks, Rose. I made these using Lazertran transfer paper, which I printed on a laser printer. They are very simple to apply, and then you bake them permanently onto the glass finish in the oven. (I buy the antique bottles at antique stores.) Good luck!

    • Sorry Rose, I don’t have a tutorial. I use water slide decal paper and print them in a print shop on a laser printer. Soak in water, then they slide off and you position them on the bottle and let them dry, then bake in oven. Then I usually distress them a little to add age.

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