Thrifting bonanza!

It was 50% off day today, and since this will probably be my last thrift run of the year–I got pretty much everything I really wanted. (Including—wait for it—yet another hat box.)

Here’s a sampling. A GIANT silverplated urn with lovely ornate handles. Man, I am loving this piece! Two tall crystal candlesticks, vintage binoculars (they are so cool land only cost $1!), an English china tea cup/saucer with forgetmenots on them, a darling light blue flowered cloisonne ring box fit for Marie A., two nice rosaries, and some vintage blue velvet ribbon.

Next we have a bundle of cream/white tapers, an Italian ceramic bowl and two cocoa mugs (all great for transfers), a fancy little cage, a Portuguese off white ceramic  vase (again for a transfer), and two fantastic faux coral candleholders ($3 each). The most rewarding part is that I actually looked at these candle holders earlier this year at a department store (the label was still on the bottom) and they were $25 each!

And yet more! I couldn’t pass up this wooden wagon (which I’ going to paint white and antique) for $1.50, three fall corn candles (Thanksgiving), another beautiful globe ($4), some old wooden spools of light colored thread, a gorgeous hunk of marble (sitting on top of the drawers) and two stacked IKEA drawer boxes for storing craft supplies.

I am totally thrilled! This should keep me busy for a while. Sad part is that it’s now too cold outside to do spray painting, so those projects will have to wait until next spring. My advice, get thee to a thrift store!


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