French chef aprons, anyone?

I got these chef’s aprons with one of those 50% discount coupons at a local craft store. A good buy because they are very nice quality and very white.

I’ve always known I was going to use some French food-related graphics from The Graphics Fairy on the fronts of these. But I finally got around to picking them out and printing them this week. I used a Chartpak clear blender marker to transfer the laser printed, reversed copy onto the aprons, then went over it all with an ultra fine point sharpie. To finish them off,  I simply added a little metal number tag at the top of the apron. I’m very pleased with these! Pretty darn simple, and they’ll make great Christmas gifts.

This is how they looked before I added the little tags.

I think I’ll make a Cordon Bleu apron like this for my husband, the talented cook!


5 thoughts on “French chef aprons, anyone?

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  2. I’m not sure as to how you did the transfer, is this something I purchase?
    I’m planning on a french cooking class birthday party…17ish teenage girls.
    Will this be too much for me and too $$.
    I am crafty and can sew. The aprons I can get cheap. I was planning to do them myself, not the girls….or could the girls do it?

    • Hi Mary Jane,

      The instructions are in the post. For transfer techniques to get the images onto the aprons–go to The Graphics Fairy website and search for “transfer techniques”. I used a Chartpak marker, but there are other ways of getting the design onto the fabric. Once it’s on there, just buy an ultra fine point black sharpie and trace the lines so they’re darker. Then you’re done! Have fun.

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