Enamelware finds at the thrift store

I swore I wasn’t going this week, but the lure of 25% off Tuesday won out. I’m so glad I did. Tons of treasures awaited me–not the least of which were two wonderful pieces of old white enamel ware in great condition, a pair of nice silverplate candlesticks, and a Pfaltzgraff creamer that amazingly matches a sugar bowl I bought several weeks ago at another thrift store. I’m half-tempted to put some French graphics on the enamelware pot and vase, but they’re so simple and lovely as they are, I think I’m just going to leave them as is. What great vases they’ll make next summer!

Also, some huge sea shells I couldn’t resist, another packet of off-white candles, a couple of small shadowboxes I’m going to remake into paper theaters, and a few choice small silver and grey frames. What I wanted and passed up were a whole collection of beautiful paper mache pumpkins and gourds from the halloween section, and two gorgeous dark blue marbled lidded stoneware pots. It’s good to put a few things back on the shelves on every trip–makes me feel less guilty!

I have to say, I meet the nicest people in thrift stores–from all walks of life, all looking  for different things. Even during sales, when crowds are thickest, everyone is so polite and friendly. Today I met a woman who is a doll fanatic, who had picked up the prettiest bisque Christmas doll I’ve ever seen for $5!!! Brand new doll,  20″ high, gorgeous face, hair, and velvet red/green outfit. The woman was so thrilled! It was fun to talk to her. Jut one more thing I love about thrift stores…


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