DIY creative collage: Carte Postale

In my last post I mentioned that I’d made a couple of the vintage collage postcards I transferred onto the Carte Postale box. I’ve seen these cards from a host of creative women out there doing stunning layered collages on old French post cards…and I just love them. So I tried some myself on word publisher. They’re so simple and fun to make! Here are three free examples of ones I’ve created for you to use.

To make your own, just find a vintage free-to-use post card template online–there are French ones as well as regular English Post Cards. Then find some free-to-use images, including stamps, script, and postmarks (they’re all over Pinterest) and start layering. If you’ve mastered photoshop or pixlr, you van do much more sophisticated work, but Word publisher is a great place to start. Use the transparent background tool to delete the background on the image and experiment moving the pieces around and resizing them. Then when you’ve got something you like, use the snipping tool to save them as jpeg images. Once you get going you won’t want to stop! Enjoy!

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