New “Old Book” techniques

I’ve been busy transforming some more books, trying two different techniques.

First, I  painted these two books light beige, then antiqued them to look kind of like mottled old book covers, and decoupaged on copies of antique spines and bookplates (there are lots of stunning ones online).

I liked these a lot, but I also wanted to have some spines that were simply old French text. So, I painted some bigger books tan and cream, printed the text and decoupaged it on the spines. (You can find the French script on my Pinterest board called Printables–alpha, backgrounds), then antiqued them. What do you think? I think I might like a whole shelf of these! By the way, my blue books—which use this same technique—turned out great. Photos to come.

You should know that while I’m doing this experimentation with book transformations, I’ve also been indulging my love of ACTUAL OLD BOOKS! I scouted some garage sales and final day estate sales and found some incredible buys. I paid less than a dollar from many of these and no more than $2 for any of them. Some great titles, from classics in philosophy and literature to Through the Looking Glass (with original illustrations). I’m running out of shelf space, so I think my collection is at an end. But boy, what a fun thing to collect. The colors, textures, and patinas are fantastic, and they are all books that I’ve either read or want to read. But a warning, even this summer I’ve seen a growing interest among people in buying these–so they may not be $1-2 forever! I met a guy who bought seven big boxes full at the last estate sale–he sells them to pay his tuition! How resourceful.


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