A “Crane Bros.” hatbox

I keep running into these very cheap hatboxes! They’re great for storage (all four of mine are full right now) and fun to make—so here’s another one.


I used a Crane Bros. Hats and Caps graphic from—where else–The Graphics Fairy. (My home away from home.) I just paint the outside of the box off-white, use a hatmaker ad  transfer on the top and sides, then antique in various shades of grey or brown. Sometimes I just decoupage the ads on, too. I usuallly leave the inside of the box as is. Most of the insides are floral or stripes, so it makes a nice surprise when opening these. Here are the previous ones I made.

And this weekend, at the last day of an estate sale I scored a truly vintage one (look at the dated cars on the side!) from Saks Fifth Ave for $2. This one I’m leaving alone!


5 thoughts on “A “Crane Bros.” hatbox

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