Frozen charlottes: My latest folly!

I’ve longingly watched big batches of broken Frozen Charlotte dolls for sale on Ebay–but they go for upwards of $100. I not only love individual dolls used in various craft projects, I like lots of the dolls displayed together—stored in a box or a jar or a bowl. But that kind of volume has been way beyond my means…until now!

I found a Frozen Charlotte mold with five different sizes, and have been going crazy. Below is my first batch, made of light-colored Sculpty clay, baked, painted white, antiqued, then glazed to look like porcelain. Next, I’m going to experiment with painting hair and faces. But I do love this stripped down version. If you’re not familiar with Frozen Charlottes, here’s some history and a few photos of them.

This is such a fun process and so cheap! Now I”m looking for the right vessel to hold them all!


6 thoughts on “Frozen charlottes: My latest folly!

    • Hi Linda,

      You know, I never got around to that. I just antiqued them and sprayed them with sealer. I was going to start face painting with water colors actually–I think they would work and they give a more translucent color than acrylics. Let me know how it works out, because I’ll get to it sooner or later myself!

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