The beauty of aged bottles!

I wish I could explain everyone’s (including my own) sudden fascination with old bottles. Maybe it’s something about their shape and shabbiness. Anyway, I’m on board. Every time I see an old bottle really cheap, I grab it. Sometimes I even age newer bottles. More on that. But what I really love are waterslide decals put on old bottles. Their transparency and the cloudiness of the bottles looks so good together. Here’s random collection of some I’ve been working on.

Two of these are old bottles, the rest are aged by me (using dirt, pomegranate juice, vanilla, glaze, etc.) I also have antiqued some of the labels, but I don’t think they look quite aged enough so I’m going to sand them a bit. The ornate bottles are 99 cents are JoAnns, and the brown bottles are airplane liquor bottles I got at a flea market for pennies. They’re decoupaged. You can find apothecary and druggist labels to copy all over the web. There are some real beauties here and here and, of course, at the Graphics Fairy.

Here are four small wine bottles left over from from a picnic this summer, two of them have been aged a little and the other two are still in line for some roughing up. They aren’t included in this photo, but I painted the caps and put a small round french label on them. These show how lovely the decals look. Among these are a vintage Absinthe label and a Sirop label I found on the Graphics Fairy. These would look great with a pretty flower in each of them, or a pheasant feather…or just used in a vintage vignette with othershabbby objects.

I was out of state last week and popped into a flea market to find a giant stash of 50-cent old medicine bottles (small/med/large) that had a wonderful patina to them. I bought $5 worth so there will be more posts about old bottles!


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