Marie A. and vintage perfume labels: Lavender sachets

If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you know I grow my own lavender. I had a great harvest this year, which I just used to create these little sachets. I printed out some of my favorite Marie Antoinette and vintage perfume label images on white cotton. Many of the perfume labels came from the Graphics Fairy–who is truly the fairy godmother of printable projects!

They turned out so well I’ve started experimenting with other fabrics now. There are tons of other images I want to try out as sachets–like antique architectural prints and bird nests…maybe vintage seed packets, too. I may run out of lavender!


5 thoughts on “Marie A. and vintage perfume labels: Lavender sachets

  1. I just LOVE your Marie Antoinette sachets. I would love to make some, but can’t find these images on The Graphics Fairy website. Would you be so kind as to give away your secret as to where you found them?

  2. what paper medium do you suggest to use in the printer please? I want to make some pretties for my granddaughters rooms but don’t know how to get it from computer to fabric. Any suggestions at all would be much appreciated and thankyou in advance.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      I buy 8 /12 x 11 adhesive backed pages at the office supply store– they are like giant labels–you peel off the back of them. Once you’ve done that, you adhere cotton (iron it first to make sure no wrinkles and smooth) or whatever fabric you want (not too thick). Start the fabric about 1/2″ in from the top of the label that is going into the printer first–just to make sure it gets a good grip. Then I trim the fabric even with the other three sides of the label. I take an extra step and seal the fabric edge on those three sides with a liquid that prevents frays (fabric shops stock this). NOTE: I have two printers and the first time I tried this technique I used it on the oldest one so if something happens–you still have a printer. All ink jet printers are a bit different, so there’s never any guarantee this will work. But I got the technique from another blogger and since then I’ve read many successful accounts of people using this method to print on fabric. Ultimately, it’s cheaper than the fabric sheets you an print on that are sold by fabric stores–that cotton is very thin. And you can use a little thicker, whiter cotton when you create the sheets yourself. Hope this helps! And good luck…

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