More thrifting treasures

I have to stop! I went out three times this week–but what booty I found. Here’s a peek at some of it. First a large, white porcelain 10-part flower and candle centerpiece from Horchow (in the box, never opened, made in Italy!) for $7. Lovely bas relief garlands.

A fantastic Minnesota Paint crate. Large, lidded, and in really good shape. (This is how it looked after I waxed it.) Also $7. Going to use this to store some of my burgeoning collection of craft supplies. I’ve found 4-5 terrific crates this summer at garage sales and thrift stores. Lucky me.

And then the little things I love–a pale ceramic statue of Mary that reminds me of those antique French ones; two small bisque dolls with cloth bodies, sleepy faces, and lovely hair; some old ivory colored dominoes; a big bag of white pearl buttons; a bag of small ivory candles; and an English silverplated spoon tongs–beautifully engraved.

And finally–for $1.50–a great seashell wreath like I’ve been telling myself I should make. I love it! No matter–I have bigger dreams now. Earlier this summer I scored a large mirror that I intend to cover with the many shells I’ve bought at thrift stores and garage sales.

If you’re not hitting thrift stores yet–hope this inspires you!

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