DIY: Those quaint English meat pots

I ran across a photo of some vintage English meat pots on Pinterest a while back. I loved the look of them, so I started collecting a few white ware items from thrift stores, and checking out other photos and information about them online.

This week, I printed out a few of the old labels on water decals and slid them onto the white ware. I threw in an old French apothecary label that I thought worked well on the large piece, and a wonderful French cheese label. I just love these and am already looking for more little white pots and containers to put other labels on. They especially look great grouped together, like in the original photo. I finally found a place where I can successfully print out water decals on lazertran without screwing up their equipment–so I’m going to be using them a lot more on my projects.

Here are my nearly finished “meat pot” replicas. Now I’m going to try to antique the labels a little bit to add a little more character. Hope you like them too!


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