My first “Marie” paper shoe!

I may just become a full-time paper show maker–it’s that much fun. But, it’s also  lot of work. Be forewarned. The pattern for this show is on my Printable Projects Pinterest board (thanks to Terri Lynn Heinz, who created it and has a super YouTube shoe-making tutorial to get you started).

I started with a print out of French script from La Belle Brocante for the inner sole, the heel back, and the front of the shoe. You assemble those first. For the heel, I painted a little wooden spool-like piece (I bought a bag of these for 50 cents at a thrift store and they are PERFECT for these shoe heels!) and for the bottom sole I used some heavy mauve cover stock. The heel ruffle is cut from a paper bag and hand pleated, and the embellishments on the front of the shoe are from the same bag. I had the little pearl strands on hand, as well as the white paper rose and creme crepe paper.

I tinted the rose petals with mauve watercolor and tipped them with transparent white glitter. Then I added the pink butterflies (found online) with extra wings from an old paperback page and a grey satin ribbon at the heel. I also found an old French official stamp online and put that in the inner heel, like a label. I think Marie Antoinette would approve!

You have to try one of these! Just use materials you’ve got on hand–get creative and it will turn out beautifully.



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