My first paper theater!

I’ve been scouting these online and working out how to make them for a few months, but I finally boldly went forth and just started one from 19th century France. Lots of little lessons in the process, but I’m loving the result. The frame is one I picked up for $1 and painted black. I’ve found these kinds of shadow box frames widely available at local thrift stores. I didn’t know whether it would have quite enough depth, but I think it worked great.

There’s a lot of detailed work that goes into one of these–but they’re  delightful when they’re done. I’ve got four more frames, two smaller and two larger. We’ll see what scenes I come up with! The people are from antique fashion plates from around 1880, so they fit the era.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with 19th century  paper theaters, here’s a great link to the Bruce Museum’s exhibition pages.


4 thoughts on “My first paper theater!

  1. I find your blogs fascinating and educational. I didn’t know much about paper theaters and enjoyed reading the Bruce Museum’s exhibition pages. Where do you find the images to create your own paper theaters?

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