Another frame transformation

This is a good example of how you can get wonderful art on your walls for very little money. We all know how much professional framing costs–often much more than the art!

Earlier this summer, I got a large high quality Pont Neuf print (love it!) for $5 at a garage sale by a woman going out of the art poster business (I got three great prints from her, more frame transformations on the way.). I measured it and found a perfectly sized frame with a Cinzano print at a thrift store on 25% discount day–paid $7 for this. Now the fun begins.

After I carefully removed the print (you’re going to use all these parts again so preserve them)–I spray painted dark brown irregularly over the black frame–kind of mottled look. Then I dry brushed white gesso over the frame, and topped that (when dry) with a light cream acrylic paint. When that was dry, I put dark wax on the entire frame and buffed it up.

After that, it’s just a matter of reassembling the picture with the new print. So, for $12 I have a really large, lovely print of Paris in a great antiqued frame.


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