Wine box transformation

Another humble beginning for this one. I got a plain icky brown poorly stained wine box at a thrift store. It had a vintner name on the top, but not embossed–so that was good. It was a really nice size and very cheap so I couldn’t resist. I wanted to keep it as a wine box but make it a little more interesting.

Here it is in progress–I left a bit of the brown so you could see what I mean. Not a pretty color. After priming it inside and outside, I used the splendid blender transfer technique (I’ve explained this in a couple of past transfer posts) with a wonderful French wine graphic I got–where else– from The Graphics Fairy.  I use part of another French graphic from that site for the address on the front of the box. After going over all that with a ultra fine sharpie, I antiqued the box and sprayed it with a satin seal. Then I grabbed another graphic of wine bottles and grapes (also from the Graphics Fairy), changed it to black and white in pixlr, printed it on a plain brown llightweight paper sack, and decoupaged that to the bottom of the inside of the box.

This is pretty much how I pictured it would look when I envisioned the transformation–it doesn’t always happen that way! Plus, I love working on things that can actually be used for storage–which is a continuing challenge for me. Hope you like it!


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