Recent treasures

Well, in addition to thrift store forays, summer is loaded with terrific garage sales. I only get to a few (and not every weekend), and an occasional estate sale (on the final day)–but boy I have found some cool things this season! Here’s a sampling. Many of these are scheduled for transformations, so stay tuned in the coming weeks!

Most thrilling was this dress form I stumbled on at a garage sale. It was dead cheap and in almost perfect condition–fabric covered (great fabric too!) just like I wanted and the kind that stands on a table, not on the floor–also what I was after. I’ve been wanting one of these for a couple of years–and I’ve searched Craig’s List diligently–but they were all plastic, only half-forms, or way too expensive. I’m going to decoupage the top of the neck and the stand with something French.

Also at a garage sale, I picked up this wonderful chippy Italian (signed on the back) old tray for $1. It’s big and I love it! I found the two chippy painted plaster plaques of vintage dancing couples at a local thrift store ($1.50 each). I was going to paint them all white and frame them, but the paint colors are growing on me. They’re so charming as is.

And here’s another one of those Anniversary clocks I referred to in a past post as a good source for low-cost domes. This one is medium sized and cost $3 on discount day. The clocks are lovely and most of them work, but I typically give them right back to the thrift store and just keep the domes.

I also found some great apothecary bottles with little silver cork stoppers and two turquoise glass pieces. I can’t exactly remember what the blue pieces are called but I think they’re part of transformers or something. These were really cheap. I’ve seen clear glass ones for $6-8 each–highway robbery. I’m going to try water slide decals of vintage apothecary labels on the three bottles.

This cute little old world globe and stand called to me from a thrift store shelf–I couldn’t resist. Looks great paired with my antique books!

And finally, two little dolls from garage sales–Swedish and Norwegian! What finds! It’s been a very good season so far. Hope you’re having fun too!


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