DIY: Vintage Paper Roses

I’m experimenting with a lot of ideas about reusing old books. I just can’t get enough of them!

My latest try was making roses out of book pages and old music sheets…mostly vintage but also one new book (I’ll explain why in a minute). I’d seen those paper roses on Pinterest and was intrigued but wanted to make a slight different version using the same basic technique shown here by 100layercake.

Here’s what I changed in the process. I started with vintage book pages that were already yellowed around the edges. I cut the same shapes as shown in the tutorial (5 petals in each size). And I rolled them on the outer edge using a small paintbrush handle, which worked really well. I rolled them more into a point than just rolling the edge under. After assembling them with the rolled edges up and making sure there was enough space between the layers to look something like a peony, I added a small paper circle (hole in the center and the edges were zig-zagged) to finish off the bottom rather than the ribbons. I pinched those circles just like I pinched the petals when applying, very important. Here’s the first result.

I really liked these, but I wanted to experiment with dying the petal tips different colors. So, I boiled red cabbage for blue and used blueberry juice for the purple-red. I used pages from a new book on the blues because the paper makes the cabbage juice turn blue. On older papers it was more purple. Juice dyes work differently on different paper so be sure to test. It also matters how diluted the natural dye is, if you want paler shades, add water. If you want darker shades add more juice or let it evaporate a bit. BTW, here’s a handy list of colors you can get using vegetables, etc. These are a few of the different shades I ended up with. Very pretty.

(For anyone wanting to make these, they aren’t hard once you go through the process once. But they do take quite a bit of time. I really enjoyed it though. Give it a try!)


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