DIY: Domes and Cloches

You can’t swing a cat without hitting an interior design photo of antique glass cloches.


Designers put all kinds of artifacts inside them from nests to religious figurines to stacks of old books. And without fail, it all looks more interesting behind glass. I’m smitten, but I can’t afford the hefty price tags on the real thing–so I’ve been scouting thrift stores for those omnipresent anniversary clocks with glass domes. They come in 3-4 sizes. I’ve gotten these clocks so cheap that I just give the clock back to the thrift store and keep the domes. Then I match them up with bases I find at craft stores or thrifting. Another cool kind of “thrift” cloche is the common cheese dome, which I’ve also got a collection of–although only one is showing in the photo. Just sand the base if it needs it and paint it black. Great for displaying nests!

Here’s my collection so far. (I just bought another one today!) You can see some of the thrift finds I’m thinking about using underneath the domes. These look just great in clusters like in the photo above. And they are very common items in thrift stores. So, go for it!




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