Faience, Deruta, Coimbra? At a thrift store? You betcha.

I’m an international ceramics addict–have been for a long time. I can’t tell you how many return trips I’ve  had to sit with a big package on my lap so as not to break a vase or a plate I’m carting home from a distant shore. (It was worth it, I might add.)

But I’ve been stunned to find high quality ceramics from all over the world at local thrift stores! Just in the past month I’ve picked up a signed Deruta plate and a darling little cup from Italy, a signed Coimbra plate from Portugal, two signed Faience canisters and a Gien plate from France, and two beautiful handpainted plates, unsigned but very colorful.All dead cheap!

And let’s not forget the magic of garage sales. Two weeks ago–after years of lusting–I ran across three beautiful signed flow ware blue plates of different sizes. The largest one was $3!!! Yikes. My mouth dropped open as I scrambled to get the cash before she could change her mind. I LOVE them!

You too can be a Market Warrior! I’m looking forward to that new PBS show by the way.


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