A few recent thrifting finds…

It’s garage sale season again, and despite the recent heat I’ve found some wonderful things so far this year. As much as I love thrift stores, I’ve run into real ‘steals’ that I know would have cost much more in a store…so never underestimate the yield of a good yard sale! No matter how humble they look, you’ll be amazed at what you can find!

A wonderful rusted old farm scale that still works for $2, copper pail for $1, amethyst geode for $1 Whoee!

A cute metal egg basket, an iron two-tiered rack, a plaster column, two fancy bottles, an antique mirrored tray, and a rusted lidded can. Nothing in this photo cost more than $1–even the fancy French embossed water bottle and the great old rusted can (it has small bas relief figural designs all over the sides–I love it!) I’m planning to do that plaster column in an old stone finish and use it in displays.

I was thrilled with this rusted old, rose vine, wrought iron fence fragment  (about 2 1/2′ tall) especially because it came with 6 broken sections of just the rose vines! I paid $15 for the lot. (You can tell I”m into rust! But I’m going to put some white gesso on a few of the fragments as an experiment.)

And finally, this large silverplate tray and double handled vase. I’m going to clean these up a bit, but not too much! I know just the faded roses I’m going to put in the vase. In the background you can also see the stem of a chippy vintage  white wrought iron plant stand with very ornate feet (you can’t see them here) I picked up for $3 and the top of a natural wicker plant stand (in perfect condition) I found for $2.

The season is slowing down now, but I’ll post again if I find some more treasures!


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