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I recently finished my first silver leaf projects…but not my last. These three beauties are mismatched thrift store finds (all were different shade of dark brown) that I silver leafed into a beautiful trio. I let some of the dark original finish show through like age imperfections.

It’s so easy! This is a very forgiving medium–hard to make a mistake. And only three ingredients–brush-on or spray gilt adhesive (Michael’s or art/craft store–use your coupons!); silver leaf (also at Michael’s); and spray sealer. Oh, and a soft brush (sable or an old, clean cosmetic brush). It takes only a few minutes to master the very thin sheets of silver leaf. I cut them up into smaller squares so they’re easier to handle.

Five steps are involved: 1) clean the item and let it dry if necessary, 2) apply the  gilt adhesive and let it dry for about 30 minutes, 3) apply the thin squares of silver leaf one at a time, brushing onto the sticky adhesive with a soft brush, 4) when the object is covered, use a brush to brush away all the tiny scraps of silver leaf that are still clinging to get a smooth surface (save those if you want to keep them for another project), and 5) once you’ve got it to the point where you’re finished, use a spray sealer.

Silver leafing is a lot of fun and yields gorgeous results! I’m going to try it on a piece of furniture in the not too distant future. I’m using all my coupons to stock up on silver leaf so I have enough to do a small cabinet.

Try this! And let me know how it goes…


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