And they turned to stone…



Well, nearly. These were three homely, dark brown fake wood plastic pieces, but very well made, probably 40-50 years old. I found them in three different thrift stores, one at a time. The mirror reminded me of the shape of some of those rectangular Gustavian mirrors (photo below), and then I found the sconces a few months later. Kind of miraculous.


I wanted to make them look like aged stone or cement, very subtle, but with more a cool grey than in the photo. So, after disassembling the mirror (which is heavy), I primed them all and painted them with two coats of Benjamin Moore Wolf Grey, then gessoed them and wiped much of it off. I finished them up with a clear satin spray coating, then reassembled the mirror. I think the sconces would look great with duck egg blue candles–so I’m on the look out!

The rough part of all this restoration and craft activity is that we’re in the process of selling our house and I won’t be able to use anything I’m making now until we sell, buy, and move into another place. For now, I pack it up and bring it all to our storage locker–which now has 11 boxes of new Gustavian stuff I’ve found/made. Patience, Gayle, Patience. Meanwhile, I’m on a roll!


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